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The Self Lifting Fix Pathway


Nobody is perfect.  Even if you are pretty close in everyday life (aren’t we all?) we all have some issues with our lifts!  There is always some technical aspect that can be improved upon that will help you lift more weight!  The Lifting Fix pathway is designed to find your mistakes, and give you a drill to practice that will make you a better weightlifter.

The Lifting Fix pathway comes with 2 tools; First is a short, but very smart live questionnaire.   In just a few short multiple choice answers, it will diagnose your issue and give you the fix you need.  For those of you who absolutely hate short and simple surveys, we have a self-guided flow chart!  Follow the chart, and you’ll end on the box that is right for you.  Click the box, and you’ll be sent to a live video that demonstrates how you can fix your lifts.

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7 Top FREE resources for Olympic Style Weightlifting

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The popularity of weightlifting is on the rise in the United States, along with the rest of the world.  Along with that growth comes a thirst for quality information.  This is a collection of high quality, FREE resources that are available to all.  The list includes a brief synopsis and highlights form each source.  Check them out, dig in, and learn about weightlifting!

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