Breathing for Max Effort Reps, The Barbell WOD Special Edition – The Lifting Fix

Special Barbell WOD addition of The Lifting Fix. Don’t forget to breathe! When setting up for multiple heavy reps, be sure to take a deep breath and push it down into your abdomen.  Then, at the top of each rep, top off your air and re-set before the next rep!

Special thank you to The Barbell WOD!


[0:00:00] Danny from The Lifting Fix here with a special barbell 1 edition. In the first week of this barbell WOD cycle, there is a 3RM squat.  When you do that, there are a few things you can do that will really help you out and a big part of that is breathing and being set when you need to be set.

So you’re going to get the bar out of the rack. Go ahead and take that there. So before you squat, you want to make sure you have a full breath of air. A lot of people know that but that’s something people do they could improve upon.

So with that full breath of air, a lot of times they could breathe up and kind of fill their lungs, fill their chest.  Well, that’s not ideal. Where you really need that air and need that pressure is through your midline, pushing out against a belt if you’re wearing a belt. If you’re not wearing a belt, just feeling your midline more. That’s the weak point rather than your upper chest.

So instead of filling your chest, you’re going to breathe in and – you get that whole breath of air into her stomach, in her midline. Now go ahead and breathe and as you hold it, do your squat and then it’s going to reset. If you need to top off your air supply, go ahead. Top it off. But again, top it off into your stomach (abdomen), not in your chest. So go ahead. Quick, full breath into her stomach, nice and tight, and then down and then one more time reset. Oh! And she goes into her next squat. All right?

So when you go to do your squats [0:01:17] reset between every set, make sure you have a full body of air. Remember a body of air, not a chest of air. Nice and tight. All right? Build up to something that is reasonable and then never tie a PR. Always shoot about five lbs heavier at least of what’s your old PR. Go for it.  Thank you Aaron. Thank you Ariana. Thank you CrossFit Excel

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