Lift Off – The Lifting Fix

One of the most common problems with lifters happens right off the floor. You start the lift and your hips shoot up as your chest drops! Oh no! It’s important to maintain a strong back angle and set yourself up for a good lift. This drill helps to teach tension right off the ground.

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Snatch Pull Mechanics – The Lifting Fix

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Welcome to lifting fix, I’m Danny Lehr. I have Ariana with me and we’re going to talk about moving through the positions of the snatch. In the last video we talked about what the positions looked like.

For your grip in the snatch, you want to make sure you have a natural grip. That you get your hands out there and the bar should rest right in the crease of the hip. One way to test it, when your shoulders are back just pick up one leg.

There we go and the bar’s not going anywhere so that’s a good spot for it. You know it’s too low if it’s kind of moving and wiggling around on you. All right, so we have a good grip there, she’s going to go to position one.

Okay, so that’s a good position one. She goes onto position two now. Shins are nearly vertical and then down to position three or the floor.

Now, to move through these positions in the snatch, she’s going to do a few things the entire time. She wants to push through her full foot throughout the movement. We don’t ever want to get forward to our toes.

We don’t want to get crazy back on our heels, just pushing through our full foot, driving through the ankles. So from this good position one, shoulders are directly over the bar and the bar is directly over the balls of her feet. Notice that her hips are slightly below her knees.

That’s just a product of her limb length. If there was somebody who had longer limbs, longer femurs, then the hips would be higher and that’s okay too. From this position she’s going to push her feet through the floor and the bar’s going to raise up to that good position two. That’s all it is, keeping the chest up. Driving the knees back.

Just pushing her feet straight down through the floor. One more time, to go from three to two she’s going to drive her feet through the floor while keeping her chest up, This is a good position two. Then from here to the hip, we do not want to pull back too early.

Just continue to drive the feet through the floor until the bar passes her knees, slowly. Now, once it’s past her knees, she can then pull the bar into the hips, staying over the bar the entire time. Common fault there; people will get too vertical. They’re not over the bar anymore. As you can see, she’s still over the bar, her shoulders on top of the bar. That’s very important.

Another fault is pulling back too early. You want to make sure the bar passes the knees. From position two, she just continues to drive her feet through the floor. As the bar passes the knees, and up. Then continue to drive your feet through the floor and then bring the bar in to that good position one.

From there we are ready to finish and catch!

There is a lot to remember! Fill out the form below and get a cheat sheet with the most important cues from this video delivered to your inbox free.
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How to Stay Over the Bar – The Lifting Fix

It’s important to stay over the bar as long as possible in the snatch. This is a great drill to help people who tend to get behind the bar too early.

Simply add in a pause in the position they are missing! Do a pull, then hold a 2 or 3 second pause in the hip. Make sure at that time that your shoulders on directly on top of the bar! Lift from there. Then, follow that with one form the ground making sure to keep the new and improved position!

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