How to Stay Over the Bar – The Lifting Fix

It’s important to stay over the bar as long as possible in the snatch. This is a great drill to help people who tend to get behind the bar too early.

Simply add in a pause in the position they are missing! Do a pull, then hold a 2 or 3 second pause in the hip. Make sure at that time that your shoulders on directly on top of the bar! Lift from there. Then, follow that with one form the ground making sure to keep the new and improved position!

Hip Squat Muscle Snatch – The Lifting Fix feat. Ursula Papandrea

This drill has many GREAT uses. It helps the athlete to realize a quicker change in direction form the hips. It can also be used to help athletes improve their turn over and timing.

Thank you to Ursula Papandrea of Texas Barbell! Ursula is 2 time national champion, and 6 time World team member as well as head coach of 2014 Champion team Texas Barbell. Thank you for your help Coach Ursula!

Knuckles Down – The Lifting Fix feat. Matt Bruce

Here is a great cue and drill to help you out! The “knuckles down” cue leads the lifter to do a wrist curl with the bar. This motion points the elbows towards the end of the bar and helps to keep it close. It also causes slights tension in the tricep, which will prevent early arm bend! One drill, two fixes!

Thank you to Matt Bruce of Bruce Barbell and Brute Strength! Matt is a 7 time World Team member and National Champion. Thank you for your help Coach Bruce.  Learn more about Matt Bruce at

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