Overhead Mobility for Weightlifting – The Lifting Fix

Overhead mobility can be a major roadblock in weightlifting since the goal of the sport is to get the heaviest load possible overhead!  This is a GREAT drill to loosen up and prepare the overhead position during your warm up.  You can use wide hands prior to snatch, and a more narrow grip to assist with the jerk.

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How to Tape Your Thumbs for Weightlifting – The Lifting Fix

A common question revolves around taping your thumbs for weightlifting!  The problem comes when people tape them, and then realize that it is hard to hook grip effectively!  This is the simple answer to that issue.

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Reload – Jerk Catch Position feat. Noah Ohlsen

Congratulations to Noah Ohlsen for earning a place at the 2016 CrossFit Games! Here is a Lifting Fix we did with Noah last September.

When the going get’s tough, people default to where they feel comfortable. In order to be comfortable in the correct jerk catch position, you need to drill it under stress! Presses from the split jerk catch position is a great way to do this.

Special thank you to Noah Ohlsen for your help this week.

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