How to Stop Looping the Bar – The Lifting Fix

Stephanie has a problem with not getting the bar back into her hips.  She drags it up her thighs, then throws her hips forward.  To fix this, she needs to practice binging the bar in using her lats, while just standing up!  This will help her to stop throwing her hips forward, and put the bar where she wants it.
Danny: Alright, how’s it going I’m Danny I’m here with The Lifting Fix. [0:07] I have with me Stephanie and we’re at Crossfit 706 in Martinez Georgia. The problem is when she goes to snatch – the bar stays out front a little. She does a good job, she gets it behind her knee- but then she doesn’t keep the tension in her lats, and she loops the bar. So do a snatch, just a snatch. That’s good. And now do one from the knee.  There you go, that’s it. So it kind of drags the back and really getting into the hips.
So, we are just going to have her go to position one. [00:41] She’s just going to stand up and feel the tension in her lats and pull it in. There you go. And now you’re just going to pull and standing up and try to go a little higher. There we go. And notice how it’s not floating away – it’s just coming up – go ahead again. Bar is just coming up. Now [1:03] exact same thing, tension in the lats keeps it coming up.  Now do a snatch. There you go, very good and stand.  So what’s she’s doing- she’s learning to get in when she needs to – make the contact the correct way – all that tension in her lats, and bring the bar back into her as she just stands up. Thank you Stephanie, thank you very much CrossFit 706!

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