Tall Jerks – The Lifting Fix

Learn to use your arms appropriately and punch yourself under the bar using tall jerks.  This is a Barbell WOD Special Edition!

This is a GREAT drill to warm up for jerks.  It can be very beneficial during the warm up for jerks from behind the neck, because it prepares the bar path from the unusual position.

To perform the drill:

  1. Go up on to your toes with the bar on your front rack
    • This position should mirror the top of the jerk drive
  2. Drive the bar back and land with feet split and arms straight
  3. Go up in weight to the point where you feel your arms pushing you under the bar.

*You can do this same drill for push jerks.  Simply land in the push jerk catch position.

To learn more about The Barbell WOD, check out thebarbellwod.com

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