Move Your Feet – The Lifting Fix

It’s important to move your feet in order to get to full extension and catch in a solid, optimal position.  If you have a problem lifting in concrete, this is a great drill that will help you to move your feet!



The Lifting Fix I’m Danny Lehr. I’m with Arianna here. She has issue of not moving her feet. That’s kind of A common problem people have.When you don’t move your feet, you really struggle to extend the way you should, to finish the way you should. So we’re gonna see an example there of having not moving your feet in a lift. Arianna, just go ahead and snatch. There you go. And so you see she is kind of rocks to her toes and kind of rocks back down.

Here’s one way to fix that and get people to move their feet. You have something to move that to force them to do it. So let’s grab something handy. Put them nice and close together. The key in here she is not going to do a full lift, she is not going all the way and do a squat because I just want to get a little too risky. I want it to be safe as something like this can be.

You’re going to your power snatch and then a hang power snatch from this position landing on the plates. Here we go and then she step back down. And one from the hang. There we go. And so it’s kind of two things are fixed here. One is really kind of force you to finish up because you have to finish up to get on the plates. The other thing is, make sure she moves her feet. She obviously she has moved her feet. So then what we can do is slide them out of away and let’s see the after. Do a good snatch here with this.  She wanted to use a lot more weight. I want her not to get hurt. There you go. Obviously the goal is not to move your feet dramatically. We’re not trying to teach people to do crazy donkey kicks, we just need to move your feet. Alright. Thank you Arianna! Thank you Miguel!


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