Land Solid – The Lifting Fix

Sometimes people have a habit of touching their knee down in front on the snatch or clean. To fix this, you need to land flat on your feet instead of on your toes! Here is a drill that will help!

Thanks to NEPA CrossFit for being a great host!


Hey everbody I’m Danny Lehr with The Lifting Fix I’m at NEPA Crossfit. So we’re here and we’re gonna do a lifting fix with Sarah. She has an issue.  When she would snatch sometimes she would kind of catch up her toes and then it would sometimes bring her down and one knee would touch the ground. And it wasn’t that the weight was heavy. She was just had a problem of going to her knees with a snatch.

The problem is she is just isn’t landing on her feet, on her heels and flat footed. So I was explaining to her, she should land more solid, more flat footed and that would help her not to fall down on her knee in that snatch. So all we did we step back form the bar with hands on the hips. And practice landing just a couple of times solid. Go for it. And again go louder. There we go we’re practicing. One more time. Practicing heels down. Ok. Landing flat footed not on her toes. And she steps up and snatch. Alright and you’ll see there. She lands on her heels. Let’s do one more. And down. There we go. Alright. Very Good. So if you have a problem of throwing down in to your knees when you snatch. You’re probably catching on your toes. Just work on. Get you heels down. Thank you Sarah! Thank you Liz!


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