Tight in Front – The Lifting Fix

People often overlook being tight in front!  They get so caught up in keeping their back tight, that they hyper extend their back.  This is a big problem as it delays and blunts the use of their hips.

Thank you CrossFit Stimulus for being a great host!


Danny:  Alright, Danny here at [0:04] CrossFit Stimulus which is in Hampton Virgina. And with me I have Austin to help me out. So Austin has problems staying tight in the front. Go ahead and grab the bar and [0:16]. So a lot of times when you get in position- You really hyper-extended – you are struggling to know what that (extension) feels like. So go into position 1 – first position and hyper extend [0:28]– and you really starting to feel over-extended. So ok put the bar down. So simple things just to know what it feels like – [0:34] Put your thumb on your xiphoid process – that’s just the pointy thing at the bottom of your ribs. Puts your thumb at the bottom of that and flex [0:43] feel his abs. Makes you feel lean, makes you feel like a man. Feel those abs. Now holding it there, go and bend your knees a little bit. Pretend like you have the bar in your hands- and then go down in position 1.  And 2. And make sure it’s tight- then back up to 1. Alright, [1:00] back down to 2. And to the floor. And you notice he is not hyper extending – he is staying tight in front. So The entire time he is maintaining that. And now he moves that hand out of the way – go and grab the bar – he knows what it feels like to stay tight. [1:15] In positions 1, down to the knee, and then back up to 1 from the floor, yeah whatever. Okay Good. The only thing you could do a whole thing and tape and tape and connect them and kind of like feel them a little more. Just that little bit of touch and go into positons help people to understand staying tight all the way around. Thank you Austin, thank you buddy, thank you Hampton Virginia and talk to you soon. Woo!

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