Efficient Barbell Cycling – The Lifting Fix, feat. Buddy Hitchcock

This Episode of The Lifting Fix is a special Barbell WOD Edition, but applies to many different athletes.  The next barbell WOD cycle has some power snatches, followed by barbell cycling with a lighter weight.   The goal is to find a rhythm that you can maintain over over the full set.   While doing so, there are a few technical tweaks you can make at lighter wright’s that will allow you to keep your rhythm. First, keep your hips higher.  Because the weight is light, you can get away with this start position.   Second, you can catch the bar and ride it up immediately!   However, don’t throw technique totally out the window! You still need to get the bar behind your knees, and don’t get pulled forward to your toes !

Thank you Buddy Hitchcock for your help!

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