How To Fix Your Footwork – The Lifting Fix

Louie has a problem jumping backwards. This causes other issues, such as landing on his toes and missing a lot of lifts out front. In order to get him to finish up and tall, we used some constraint-based training. By putting a piece of plywood behind him, we can get him to finish up.

Be sure to put it far enough away that the lifter won’t land on it, but lose enough so they know it is there!

Special thank you to CrossFit Excel for your hospitality.


It’s Danny of The Lifting Fix. I’ve got Louie here with me. Louie has a problem; he keeps landing soft. He is landing on toes, landing soft. And we realized it’s not just he is not getting his heels down but he is jumping backwards. And since he is getting a behind the bar, he’s jumping backwards. He has to land on toes cause most people are not flexible enough to get your heels down three feet behind you.

So to fix that we’re getting him to just finish tall.  So we’re going to bring in some constraints.  So at California Strength this is what we call constraint based training.  We’re gonna put barriers in the way so he’s not allow to do something. So to get him to finish up and stop stepping backwards.

Louie’s gonna lift his bar here in front of the wood. Of course you could use some weights or whatever. I’ll use a plywood. I wanna slide it here behind him. Use caution. Alright now, one thing you’ll notice is it is behind him, and he knows it’s there. But, the thing isn’t really that close. Even if someone jumps way back they’re probably not gonna jump back that far.  However, it’s close enough for him to know it’s there and he’s gonna remember that it’s there.

So go ahead and snatch Louie. Make sure you finish tall and let’s keep your heels down.  There it is. Alright. He didn’t jump more than a quarter of one inch. Best snatch of his entire life. Alright. And there is really no threat especially the lightweight. There is really no threat on landing on that wood. Ok. But he knows it’s there. Thank you Louie! Thank you Nick!


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