How To Find Your Starting Position – The Lifting Fix

This is a great tip to find the correct starting position. When lifters get pulled forward right off the floor, or struggle to push through their whole foot, this drill can really help! Float the bar just off the ground, and FEEL for balance. Push through your heals, then your toes. Be sure to feel positioning and your balance!

Special thank you to CrossFit H-Town for your hospitality


Danny: Is it on? Alright, Danny from The Lifting Fix at Crossfit H Town in Houston. We’re in town for the World Championships and I’m working with Isaac, and a little bit and with Charlie as well. A lot of people  with longer limbs, maybe have long arms, got kind of long legs. Some would say lengthy, perhaps even describe them as gangly … might be another way to do it. They tend to have the same problem and that is start too far over the bar because their legs are so long. It’s kind of hard to sink down, and feel the right position.

Go ahead and get set like you’re in a snatch. And you’ll notice as he get set, he is too far over the bar. His shoulders are well in advance the bar, like, almost 8 inch or so. Ok. So what we’re gonna have to do is work on feeling the position where his shoulder is directly over the bar where they should be.

So what he’s gonna do is just grab the bar off the ground like the quarter inch, a little lower than that. Good. Now while he is here, he is gonna kind of feel balance – so he is gonna lean forward, then back, you’ll notice as he leans back with loose arms. Does that look more balanced? He feels most balance and his shoulders have fixed directly over the bar. Go ahead and snatch from there.

There it is.  And then he lowers it back down and he is looking to float off the ground again. Good. Pause that quarter inch and just feel balance. Rock back and forth feel pushing through your full foot. Feel balance because the bar’s weight is now part of your body. You need to find you center mass together with the bar. And again, snatch from there. There it is.

A much better starting position allows you to push through the floor through his full foot. Thank you Ivan! Thank you Crossfit!


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