Lift Off – The Lifting Fix

One of the most common problems with lifters happens right off the floor. You start the lift and your hips shoot up as your chest drops! Oh no! It’s important to maintain a strong back angle and set yourself up for a good lift. This drill helps to teach tension right off the ground.

Go to for the ground breaking project: Olympic Style Weightlifting – Total Technique and Corrections.

Re-Load: Correct Foot Position – The Lifting Fix feat. Alec Smith


I have Alec with me at CrossFit Krypton. He was snatching earlier and we were talking about some different things that can really help him out. So go ahead and do a snatch and then we will talk about what we’re going to fix.

 All right. So overall, things look really good. He has the right sequencing, getting his knees back out of the way. Everything looks pretty good.

But one issue that’s happening is as the weight is going to get heavier, he starts kind of [0:00:32] drop his chest and that’s a product of his stance. Set your feet up, just to set in here. He’s narrow in here which is OK.  He has a lot of power there but the problem is because he’s so narrow, it’s a longer pull. So it starts to pull him forward as the weight goes up.

 It’s not that he’s not strong enough to keep his chest up. It’s that some little thing in there is kind of prohibiting him from doing that. He’ PR clean is 355 pounds. He’s strong enough to pull on the bar. He’s just getting pulled forward because something is off.

First we’re just going to shorten the pull a little bit which will help him do that. He can move his feet out, just to here, just make it one or two inch of his foot and he can kind of slowly of that.

Now as he snatches there, it’s going to shorten the pull and it’s going to help him keep his chest up, even at heavier weight. Here we go. Yeah. With 135, it’s pretty minor but you can see it. It does shorten the pull a little bit, allowed him to stay back and keep his chest up.

So it’s not just yelling at somebody, “Keep your chest up, keep your chest up, keep your chest up.” Sometimes it helps to figure out why the athlete can’t do that and then allow them to fully use the strength they have. Thank you Alec, thank you Sean, thank you CrossFit Krypton!

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